Keeping your little terrors entertained is a full-time job and it’s crucial to keep them growing and learning. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the satisfaction of getting something useful out of playtime too! We’ve pulled together a list of our top picks for toddler activities that can be done at home or in playgroups and the best bit? They all finish up with something great being created, as well as (obviously) a heck of a mess. But hey, that’s just kids. Enjoy!

Toddler activities can be productive.

There are plenty of fun toddler activities that also let you enjoy yourself and tick another item off your to-do list. Whether it’s simple presents for friends and family (need wrapping paper I hear you say?) or something you were meaning to pick up from the shops but could make yourself (like that birthday card for nanna), there are tons of ways to get your child involved in productive activities. And where better to start than art! 

Arm your little ones with paper and a gamete of decorating devices; crayons, glitter pens, stickers and even paint if you are feeling adventurous and let them get to work on creating. Not only will their gift wrapping and card creations save you a commute to the shops but they’ll save you some mullah too, all whilst creating something personalised and special for the recipient. This is a win win in our book!

Get them making useful things.

How about something useful – soap! Art teacher and mother of three Bar Rucci at Art Bar Blog has some top ideas to make your own soap. Play around with mixing and matching vibrant colours, you could even colour coordinate or theme them for different events. These soap are perfect for them to wash up with once you’re done playing and double as a great handmade gift for that person in your life who already has everything!


Homemade rainbow soap - fun to make and perfect for gifts Image source:  Art Bar Blog

Homemade rainbow soap - fun to make and perfect for gifts Image source: Art Bar Blog

Make your own cool kids toys.

Often, the play doesn’t stop with the creation process! Trish Kuffner at Family Education outlines a great playdough recipe that doesn’t require cooking, so your little ones can make and then play with their own playdough.

The kitchen is obviously a fun place for toddlers to be productive as well. They’ll love helping out with mixing and stirring, and you can get the cooking or baking done at the same time! 

Even cleaning up can be fun for toddlers.

Finally, if you can find inventive ways to include your child in the clean-up process, as Jamie from Hands On As We Grow has learnt, you’re onto something special! This lets you teach them responsibility while keeping them busy and lightening your workload: a win-win-win situation! How about turning the recycling bin into a basketball hoop so that they’ll enjoy clearing up?

Take these ideas, try them out, and then come up with your own! Be sure to let us know if you dream up any other activities to do with toddlers that you benefit from as well.